As we have already written, Microsoft has decided to actively develop Skype technologies and strengthen the market position of Skype for Business. To achieve these goals Microsoft has already acquired two IT companies in the last half year: Talko and Event Zero.

Talko is a start-up founded in 2014 by Ray Ozzie, a former chief technical officer of Microsoft. Talko develops mobile business applications for collaboration and communication through text messages and audio/video calls. The whole Talko team, with the exception of Ray Ozzie, joined Microsoft in January 2016.

How will the acquisition of Talko bring Microsoft closer to achieving its Skype goals? This is meant to help improve Skype mobile client. Talko’s apps that have already been developed for iOS and Android allow users to make audio/video conferences, as well as private and group calls. It also allows the user to make notes during a conference which you can share with the other participants. Apart from that, you can create bookmarks for specific moments, and use the camera on your smartphone to upload a photo or video during a conversation. Voice recordings and all the uploaded content can be saved and searched in the cloud. Microsoft has plans for Skype for Business, using Talko technologies, to be able to offer new tools to improve the efficiency of teamwork, as well as building of internal communications system suited for the needs of modern corporations.

At the beginning of 2016, Microsoft purchased Event Zero – another IT-company that it collaborated with for eight months to develop statistical and management tools for cloud version of Skype for Business. Event Zero develops software solutions that make it easier to monitor and control Skype for Business.

It really simplifies the life of the IT department when they need to find out how, when, why and how often Skype for Business failed during a call or message exchange. It allows them to discover the problem quickly, trace why it happened and promptly launch a tool that can fix it. Now Microsoft can build the given technology directly in Skype for Business to improve and extend the list of tools for the monitoring and control of the product on the client’s end.

Microsoft’s goal is to make the management tools built in Skype for Business just as user-friendly and essential for IT services as Skype has become for end users.

As of today, customers of communication services and conferences can use the capabilities of the administrative center of Office 365 to quickly receive and assign a number to its users, view audio/video conferences usage statistics, and quickly gain access to aggregated information about the connection quality by using Call Quality Dashboard.

In the future, thanks to the purchase of Event Zero, Microsoft will be able to present its clients with a safe diagnostic system that will warn them of any problems with Skype for Business through its powerful audio/video conferences report analytics – all in one unified controlled system.