Favourite contacts at your finger tips
Add contacts to Favourites and start conversations in one click
Add participants to an existing chat
Make team conversations from one-to-one dialogs easily. Add as many participants to a dialog as you want and get on with the discussion all together
Group calls in one click
Create team buttons for online meetings, team conversations or webinars
Speed buttons for your favourites
Quick access to any actions associated with a chosen contact
Send predefined messages in one click
Add new or edit existing text. Send predefined personal or team messages
Share your screen
Add screen sharing during chat, call or conference to show what is happening on your desktop online
EasyLy will alert you when the contact comes online
Activate notification and fill in reminding message. EasyLy will give a cue when the contact comes online
Do not disturb mode – stick to business
DND mode blocks notifications allowing you to concentrate on what you’re doing. Turn it on for a set amount of time or an indefinite period
Notifications of missed conversations and new e-mails
Never miss important messages and e-mails. EasyLy shows what happened while you were busy
Hover the cursor to see daily schedule
Check your colleagues' schedule of upcoming events in the accordance with Exchange Calendar with one click
Video calls
Use video calls for online meetings, conferences, or webinars
Now you can handle up to 3 chats in the single window at the same time without switching between them