In Skype for Business

It is not always enough to simply add necessary contacts to ‘Favorites’. It is more convenient to create groups of contacts with a certain name for a specific project (‘X’), department (‘marketing’) or event (‘lunch break’).

In Skype for Business you create a group by clicking ‘Create a New Group’ in a drop-down menu.

You can rename the new group. Type in the name and press ‘Enter’.

If you want to move a contact to a specific group, right click and choose ‘Add to Contact List’. Then pick the necessary group. Be aware that the group must already exist. 

In EasyLy

In EasyLy we have tried to simplify the logic of grouping the contacts and make this function clearer and more convenient, without having to navigate through numerous submenus. As we have already mentioned, you can create groups of contacts directly in ‘Favorites’.

Now let’s look at another tab, ‘Groups’. We made it in addition to ‘Favorites’ to unload your favorite contacts where you can now keep only the most relevant ones. The ‘Groups’ tab will be useful to deploy several departments, projects or teams, with which you need to stay connected but not daily, e.g. HR, Accounting, etc.

For instance, from time to time we need to ask HR questions. Let’s create a group ‘HR’ and see how EasyLy simplifies the communication.

Choose the ‘Groups’ tab in EasyLy:

Select ‘Add new’

It’ll open a window to create a group where you need to find and add new members by check marking to the left of their names, and then name the group:

Press ‘OK’ and you’re done!

Left click on the group to see a list of the members. You can send a message to just one person if you know who to contact regarding your specific question.

If you don’t know, just click the   button. It’ll open a chat room with an available contact whose status is green. They can answer your question or forward it to someone else, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is you get an answer to your question.

Left click on the group again and the list of the participants minimizes.
The number on the group button indicates the number of members online.

For example, 1 out of 3 marketers are online.

You can move group buttons on the screen, switch places, and edit. Right click on the group button and you can edit the name, hide the group or delete it.

Work EasyLy!