On-Device Learning on GRC AI Module


Add AI functionality to a target device by embedding a chip with the pre-installed firmware.


self-learning engine doing Anomaly Detection and n-Class Classification in the time series data flow for providing Full turnkey AI functionality for integration in products of various complexity.

AI Module is based on the ODL (On-Device Learning) Computing approach for providing and enhancing AI scenarios with 2 working modes:
High-performance speed in both modes: less than 2 sec

GRC AI Module is designed as a firmware solution for ESP32-C3 incorporating the best features of the frontline technologies presented by Espressif and the future-oriented development approach of the Grovety experts.

GRC AI Module utilizes all the capacities provided by ESP32-C3 FN4/H4 MCU. Basic characteristics of the MCU processors:
Main processor: RISC-V 32-bit microprocessor
Ultra low-power co-processor
Firmware communication interfaces: I2C, SPI
Ultra-low latency: Real-time applications
Exchange data protocols for the chip and external devices (API)
Non-volatile storage for data processing module


GRC AI Module is an innovative and user-friendly solution for introducing AI functionality to your products in effortless and time-efficient manner. AI-based data processing offers a more flexible and powerful approach to analyzing and making decisions from large data collection. Machine learning algorithms autonomously learn patterns and relationships from the time series data flow.

The GRC AI Module is

4 steps to get an AI-driven solution without extra expenses

Dev Board GRC serves best for developing PoC, MVP, and prototypes. See Datasheet.

Perks of using GRC AI Module

Saving time and resources at the development stage, as there is no need in
Reducing expenses for the end solution, as there is no need to spend money on
Development of autonomous solutions due to low power consumption and no need in data transfer to a server.
Privacy and security are guaranteed as there is no need in transferring sensor signal from the target device to a server
Vast potential of developing flexible solutions configurable to particular hardware.

Recommended sensors

Functional Scheme

The GRC AI Module can be connected to various platforms, e.g. to the GRC Dev Board

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