Grovety at tinyML Asia 2023

Grovety at tinyML Asia 2023 November 16, 2023 – At the tinyML Asia 2023 forum in South Korea (Seoul), Anthony Vasilev, Co-CEO of Grovety, a silver sponsor of the forum, showcased new Grovety developments – GRC AI module and GRC Dev Board for review.A self-learning engine doing Anomaly Detection and n-Class Classification in the time […]

tinyML Talk

Grovety at tinyML Talk in September 2023 If you missed one of the recent #tinyMLTalks webcast series: Minimizing Resource Usage in Microcontrollers for Cost-Effective Solutions with Ilya Gozman, Senior Fellow, Chief AI Architect at Grovety Inc., hosted by Evgeni Gousev from Qualcomm, we have got you covered! The video is now available on tinyML YouTube […]

tinyML Sponsor

Grovety is now a member (Silver Sponsor) of the tinyML Foundation. Founded in 2018 by members from Arm, Google, and Qualcomm, tinyML® Foundation is focused on bringing together embedded hardware, software, and machine learning practitioners to discuss collaborations across these disciplines. Today the tinyML Foundation are over 7000 members in 33 countries and 25 Strategic […]