TVM con 2023

Grovety at TVMcon 2023 In March 2023 we gave a short presentation at TVMcon – 2023. – Improvements to Ethos-U55 support in TVM including CI on Alif Semiconductor boards. Our Chief AI Architect gave an overview of the changes we’ve made to the Ethos-U55 integration in TVM, including new operators, new variants of supported operators, […]

How to Inference Your Dragon: Survival Guide for Neurochip Makers

In 2018 we took up our first major contract on developing a software devkit for a neural processing unit. Back in those times, I knew the AI market was rapidly growing and contained hundreds of companies. But I could never imagine that by 2021 another hundred or two chipmakers who developed AI accelerators would emerge, or that we would become Arm AI-partner, or that our projects with neuro-chipmakers would evolve into a separate field. This article is an attempt to formalize the knowledge that we gained from several projects and about a hundred dialogs with chipmakers. At the same time, I would be happy if this article could be helpful to someone.